The Hyrne - Generic Creatures for any setting.

The Hyrne

Hit Dice: 4+4
Armor Class: 4 [16]
Attacks: Long Bow (1d6+2), Staff (1d4+2), Antlers (2d6)
Saving Throw: 13
Move: 12 [60’]
Special: Of the Wood, Charm Animals, Shape shift
Challenge Level/XP: 7/600

The Hyrne are the guardians of the forests and are of the forest. Born of the collective, sentient will of the Wood and Wild, the Hyrne protect the Wood from the encroachment of the mortal races and stop the destruction of the Wood. Most Wood have only one Hyrne, although it is not unknown for larger Wood to have more.

Being of the Wood the Hyrne can move through the forest with easy, not needing to make any saving throws while traversing the forests. The Hyrne can also call up to his hit dice in forest animals to serve and aid him in his duty to protect the forests. Finally the Hyrne can shape shift between his human-like mortal form and that of a giant stag with blood-red antlers.

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