30 Day Challenge - Day 6 - By the Power of ...

Other bloggers like +John Payne have great things to say about this day of the challenge. I on the other hand don't have much. I've never gone and created complicated pantheons of gods and demons or delved into the true meanings of the hows and whys of worship in a fantasy world.

But then, I'm a simple person, I have simple needs when I roleplay, and as I mentioned on Day 2 (I believe) I love dwarves and I love playing as clerics ... so for me the god of choice has always been Moradin, the Forgefather of the dwarves.

Now when I get the option of forging how one worships Moradin I have fun. Moradin is, to me, a loving but hard father. He wants the best of his children, his creations, but respects valor and proof of self-worth over prayers. He is a god that will sooner smite the Cleric that invokes his name than help that cleric. However, the cleric who quietly does the will and lives as Moradin commanded when the first dwarves left the forge of souls, will receive his father.

Oh and Crom. Crom is on his mountain, all is right with the world.

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