30 Day Challenge - Day 7 - The Flames of War

Can you hear the sound of drums, the slap of sword on board. the nay and nervous side-step of horses? The war is here, the sides are forming along their traditional lines, woad is being applied and questions about fireball farts are being asked.

Today is Day 7 of the 30 day challenge. Today, the edition wars - so long fallen to a cold war as the world waits with baited breathe for Next - flair back up. May Paladine, Moradin, Erathis and Mystria preserve us.

In my previous post for day 1 I described that my introduction into Dungeons & Dragons (and roleplaying as a whole) was with the last TSR Beginner's Box. I've played third, 3.5 and fourth, I've enjoyed the Next playtest and am planning on buying the books when released, but that beginner's box has stayed with my mind until this day.

I no longer have the box or the books (I do have the dice) as they were lost someone in some military move or another, and at this point I don't clearly remember the rules. However, I have found a replacement for that box through Swords & Wizardry with supplemented material out of Crypts & Things, Ambition & Avarice, and Red Hack as well as alternate rules like +Wayne Rossi's "Rossi Method" of door opening, my own stunt rules and a bunch of drunken spells by +Erik Tenkar, and the homebrew Drunken Monk rules I found in a Moldavy Player's Book I found at a flea market for a dollar.  So purely my edition is 0e OSR+ Edition of Dungeons and Dragons

I think I may have cheated on this day of the Challenge.


  1. Sounds like an awesome mix. Flame on!

  2. The edition wars are truly a Kobiashi Maru scenario. The only way to win is to cheat.

    1. I really wish I could put a +1 or Like on this.


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