30 Day Challenge - Days 16 & 17 monsters, monsters yes we are ...

My oldest loves Monster high and this bloody song has been stuck in my head all day.

30 Day Challenge – Days 16 and 17
Day 16  - Don’t touch the chests … they bite.
There is nothing quite like a dark room, musty with the stench of mold and decay, of seeing those two chests long since forgotten by the original owners of the decaying hellhole. Step-by-careful-step the thief approaches, dagger in one hand, tools of his trade in the other … the rest of the party holds back, waiting, breath caught in their collective  throats as the thief kneels down and gets ready …. And then the chest opens, rows of vicious teeth gleam in the torch light and what is left of the thief falls over, blood pooling around him.
Mimics, in all their shapes, sizes and forms have always been one of my favorites and end up appearing in nearly every game I’ve run. In this blog  there is a simulacra called the Pseudomorph which is my attempt to recreate the mimic for Swords & Wizardry because honestly nothing is more fun than never knowing if that chest, table, door or (oh yes) house is going to eat you.

Day 17 – I’m boring because … RATS!!!!
Rats are always fun, even at higher levels rats are fun. Honestly, that’s it. Rats!    

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