Contest - The Pirate Winner is ...

The winner (and only entry) into the Pirate Day contest is +peewee rota whose entry did a very good job of not only staying in Pirate Speak but also was a good example of a pirate story that was not a classical or fantasy adventure.

Good going +peewee rota e-mail me ( the e-mail address you use for drivethru rpg and I will send your free copy of Yarr! of to you.

To anyone else out there, remember that "Yarr!Rules Light Pirate RPG" is an OSR retroclone of basic D&D using the simplified rules of Dagger as its basis. It is fast, fun and most of all kid-friendly! If you have kids or enjoy pirates yourself this is a great quick pick-up game!


  1. Shameless plug!


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