Enchanted Muira - Creatures of Eira Preview

The enchanted Moira is surprisingly of Spanish and Portuguese folklore and not the Gaelic I normally go for.  However, I have always enjoyed the idea of these women bound by some oath or curse to protect a place or treasure. They are, too me, some of the saddest figures in the realm of folklore because unlike so man human subjects present in folklore they do not deserve the fate given to them. They are guardians of treasures, bridges, roads and The Ways (by the many names) and are usually depicted as having either blonde or raven black hair (although some rural Spanish folklore that is probably more closely connected with the Indo-Celtic roots of the myths depict them as red-heads).
In Eira the Enchanted Muira are beautiful young women usually with Red Hair (marked by various fae to indict fae blood) who were seduced by the Lords of the Au-Sidhe or Un-Sidhe courts. Their time, however short, the Eternal and Night Lands, was noted by the Ladies of the Au-Sidhe and Un-Sidhe courts. For their love of the Fae Lords these women paid a dear price. They were locked by ancient magics to guard the oldest and most secret of the Fae treasures and roads, to live forever but to burn at the touch of a mortal.
Enchanted Muira

“We found asleep in the dens of evil and chaos, hair longer than a ship’s mast, skin as pale as milk. Aye lad she was beautiful and when she awoke was the saddest thing ye’d have ever seen … even when she drew that silver sword o’ hers.”

AC: 2 [17]
HD: 7 (38)
Attack: Fae Sword (1d6+2), Poisoned Nails (1d4 poison damage)
Save: 9 
Move: 30’
Special: Poisoned Nails, Charm Person (-2 Save), Magic Resistance 50%, Cursed
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/Experience: 9/1,100

Poisoned Nails – As in Attacks
Charm person – As desired during any turn in combat
Cursed – enchanted Muira are cursed to feel pain at the touch of any mortal being. This pain does not inflict any damage but is strong enough that it will halt any actions of the Muira for one turn.

The Enchanted Muira’s enchantment can be broken, but this will cause the woman to age to her proper mortal age an will often cause her death. The requirements for breaking the enchantment binding the Muira is different for each Muira and is in the realm of referee discretion.

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