Fae Cat - Creatures of Eira Preview

Fae Cat

Armor Class: 7[12]
Hit Dice: 1/per level
Attack: Claws (2d4+2/4 levels), Bite (1d4+2/4 levels)
Save: 18
Move: 15
Specials: Empathic
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: 2/40
Fae cats are small felines that look almost like a normal domesticated house cat. However, Fae cats have larger eyes and ears than their domestic cousins. Despite their name, the Fae Cat is not of the Eternal Lands or the Night Lands, but is of the mortal realm and typically found in forest regions.
Fae Cats are sentient beings and have a rudimentary culture and language. In terms of intelligence and spatial thinking Fae Cats are on par with a three or four year old human. However, Fae Cats have a natural empathic ability allowing them to read and react to the emotions of other living creatures. This natural empathy gives Fae cats a natural –[+]2 to their AC[AAC].
On rare occasions fae cats may “bond” with another intelligent creature (typically one of the player races) based on the empathic feel the Fae Cat gets from that creature. Over time it is possible for a Fae Cat to impart some of its empathic ability unto to their companion.
If a Fae Cat is found to be bonded to a character treat as a drake for level advancement and empathic ability bonding.

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