Quick Note - GSR Quick info on villian creation

I plan for GSR to come with a few pre-generated villians for the heroes to face. Minions of higher powers, mobsters, and low level alien threats, however, the crux of the villians/monster/creatures in GSR should be unque and made by the referee for his or her unque vision of the game.

Villian Creation in a nutshell. All villians have a default of 9 dice to distribute to their statistics. Unlike Heroes, Villians only have 6 places for their dice to go:

Attack Rating: This is the generic base score for a villian attempting an attack.
Defense Rating: This is the generic base score for a villian's defense and ability to not be hit.
Health: The sum of the dice in this statistics determine the amount of punishment the villian can take before falling.

Up to 3 skills and or powers.

Example: Alien Champion

Attack Rating: 14 (3 dice)
Defense Rating: 6 (1 dice)
Health Rating: 4 (1 dice)

Power: flight (1 dice)
Skill: Firearms (2 dice)
Skill: Martial Arts (1 dice)

The 9 dice, as stated above is the base amount and as the heroes grow so should the enemies, thus the rule (currently) is that dice can be added or subtracted in any amount by the referee to make strong or weaker enemies to plague the heroes.

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