Quick Note - Update on everything

Time for the usual bi-weekly update on everything that I'm up to for this blog and various project.

1. Edge of Space – Finished a small adventure this morning for this Space Marine action game by Chubby Monster. I still need to draw the maps and go through second proofreading but the game should hopefully be up by the beginning of October.

2. 5-Minute Adventures Compilation – In the market for a mapper at the moment for this, but once that is done it is a matter of finishing the extension material for Rats in the Well and Three Knocks at the Crypt Door and layout of the compilation. I'm hoping to have this out the door and on sale by the end of November.

3. Nidhog's Hall – This Eira Universe adventure (that doesn't take place on Eira at all) has finally been typed, now it is a matter of revision, further play-testing and trying to acquire some artwork on the cheap.

4. GSR – I've renamed OSR Supers to GSR (Generic Superhero Roleplaying). Last week on the blog I released information on the perk and leveling systems currently in the game. Powers and Skills are done as they now stand and while further revision is needed I think I can still have the alpha version available for play-testing on schedule.

5. Lands of Eira – Cat-Sith, Pixies, and Dwarves are done (yay!). Au-Sidhe and Humans are currently being redeveloped to make them fit a bit more with the other races on Eira. Also, I've finalized the list of raceless classes in the game and have decided to go with alternate magic system I posted awhile back.

6. I'm playing Final Fantasy XIV on the Matus server as Tiavara Leoni … now if only I could log in!

7. Remember I'll be at MEPAcon this year running Swords & Wizardry on Saturday and Hero Kids on Sunday!

8. There is a week and a half left in the design contest. I have one entry so if anyone wants to enter e-mail your entry to geniuslocigames@gmail.com

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