Revenant - Creatures of Eira Preview


“Old Tom was a bastard to be sure. A highway man in his youth and a swindler and money-lender in his later years. No one morn him when he was found with a knife in his back. Mayhap we should have because Old Tom came back. Old Tom came back.”

Revenant are the returning souls of those who spent there lives as thieves, robbers, and those who generally conducted themselves poorly in life. Revenant are consumed with an intense need to continue their negative actions and in a more general sense to conduct as much mischief and terror as possible. They are intelligent beings who fully remember their lives but those memories are twisted within, nothing of good times or feelings remain in them, and this two drives them on to commit as much trouble as they can.

Revenant are incapable of tolerating the sun as it causes them great pain and physical damage (1d4 per round). Most Revenant need to return their burial site at dawn, but many older Revenant can rest in any dark place.

Armor Class: 4[16]
Hit Dice: 4
Attack: Slash (2d6+2), Bite (1d4+disease)
Save: 13
Move: 6 [30’]
Special: Cause Disease spell-like ability, Physical Resistance 50%, Teleport (15’)
Challenge Level/XP: 7/600

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