Supers Update - Perks and Experience

Just a quick peak at a part of the system that is currently being developed and refined.

Perks as currently planned are an utterly optional feature in the Supers system that is currently under development in my spare time.
Previously we went over basic character creation, including abilities, powers and skills. These three things are all that is needed to play the Supers game, however, perks – while optional – can add to any character created in different ways.
During character creation the player may wish to spend one of his 15 dice on a perk. Only one die may ever be put into a perk, only one perk may ever be purchased and that perk can only be purchased during character creation.
Each of the four perks offer different advantages to the hero such as degreed die purchase values, extra dice and so on.  These perks are Alien, Genius, Magic and Mutate.
Alien – The character was born on a different planet and as such has a different physiology than a base-line human. Choose one ability, that ability gets an extra 1d3 on top of selected dice during character creation.
Genius - The character, while being a base line human, has a genius Level intelligence on par with the other great geniuses of history.  During any situation (combat or non-combat) the Genius may roll an extra dice to one action, however, until his next turn he may not make any other actions.
Magic – The character is a master of the arcane energies of the universe and has either been born with or has gained through study an understanding of those energies. During any “casting” of a power, the Mage can re-roll any dice roll of 1 one time that turn.
Mutate – The character was born with a genetic hiccup that enabled him to have access to powers that no baseline human should ever have. Upgrading any power purchased during creation cost 25% less experience than normal.
 Experience & Growth
This bit is still under heavy design and has gone over at least ten revisions since I first wrote it up. Currently the leveling system is a purchasing system with the character’s accumulated experience acting like currency.
Abilities = 40 + (current dice x 40) total allowed 5 Dice
Powers = 20 + (current dice x 20) total allowed 5 dice
Skills = 20 + (current dice x 20) total allowed 5 dice

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