Supers Update

I had a great post written and then the power went out. So cliff notes this time:

1. After the character creation segment in yesterday's post I was energized to start working on the supers game again.

2. Finished writing the revamped rules for Health, Death and Regeneration

3. Started revamping the powers section to reflect some of the design changes to the basic system and combat (both are referenced in yesterday's post).

4. Gravity Control no longer exists and powers are more vaguly defined to allow for limited aujustment by the referees and players.

5. I should be starting skills next week if everything continues at the current pace.

Okay, now then! If I can get through skills and monster creation sections I should be more or less ready to start alph testing the game by mid-October. I will warn you all, I work second shift so most playtests will be in the A.M. and probably on a Friday since my wife always works on Fridays.

If I'm judging correctly the entire rule-set should be 15 pages long when done, which is right around where I wanted it. If I can manage to snag some cheap artwork for the book that may bump it up to 20 pages. This means that if Alpha and later beta testing of the game goes well I should have it up on RPGnow by the beginning of next year as either a pay-what-you-want title or for the modest price of $1.50.


  1. Very cool! i have been following this for a bit and look forward to seeing what you come up with. When you are ready for alpha testing I may be able to help


    1. Thanks for the support Chris! I hope to have a little demo on powers listed next week.

  2. If you end up doing any late night testing over google hangouts I would be interested!


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