Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day

In honor of such an auspicious day I present to you a fun little product I bought last night for my daughter and her friends to play this coming Thursday! I plan to be dressed in my ren-faire pirate clothing and all!

Yarr! Rules Light Pirate RPG by BD Games

A Rules Light Pirate RPG for children, beginners and veteran players alike! Just in time for Talk Like a Pirate Day!
Avast, me hearties! Join me, fer adventure 'n' treasure huntin' on t' high seas! Become the infamous pirates ye deserve ta be an’ feed yer hunger fer glory an’ riches! YARR!
YARR! is a fun, easy to learn game for kids, beginners or veteran players who emphasize story and role play over rules. Based on Brave Halfling Publishing's Dagger RPG for kids, YARR! is intuitive for anyone who has played any OGL / d20 game. It is streamlined so that kids can grasp it easily but robust enough (and including advanced rules for skills) so that veteran player won't find it overly simplified.
Yarr! includes rules for ship to ship combat, a beatiary of human and monstrous adversaries, booty (treasure) appropriate for historical fantasy of the Golden Age of Piracy, Mermaid magic, even a Pirate Talk glossary!
AVAST! (Please note): A Print-on-Demand (POD) book will be available shortly. Anyone who purchases this download version will receive a coupon for the POD when it is available so they can enjoy the discounted pricing for buying both.
To wit: PDF = $5, POD = $8.99, and both POD + PDF = $10. 
Again, if you buy the pdf today ($5), you will receive a coupon for the Book so it is only $5 and you get the same $10 price for both the book and pdf together.
Thank'ee fer yer patience 'n' support, me hearties!

Link: Yarr! Rules Light Pirate RPG available from Drivethrurpg

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