Barking - Adventures in the East Mark

Wanted to bring this up earlier in a longer post, but now I must be quick.  Adventures in the East Mark is an OSR game from Spain. Currently their is a kickstarter to translate and reproduce the product for sale in the U.S. (in English) in a number of boxed sets starting with the Red Box.

Opt in pricing is pretty good with the $30.00 getting you a physical copy of the box. The book itself includes:

The Red Box includes everything you need to play the game and so much more:
  • The approximately 120 page perfect bound rule book with full color cover and B&W Interior (Collectors edition includes full color interior). In this book, you will find the complete game (Compatible under the Open Gaming License with the Basic Edition of the world’s most popular fantasy role playing game as written by Tom Moldvay); a bestiary; an introduction to the fantastic East Mark setting; and two adventures to get you started. (8.5" x 11.5")
  • A card stock GM’s screen
  • A set of Dice
  • A pencil
  • All encased in a full color box that is sure to stand out on your shelves (11.5" x 11.5" x 1.6")

Seems like a pretty good thing. The artwork is solid, and the explorer class looks solid. Check it out:

Adventures in the East Mark - Red Box Kickstarter!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! We ( XD Publishing) really, really appreciate it. :)

    1. I am always glad to help point people in a good direction. You guys keep up the good work and I personally cannot wait for this.


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