Barking - Liberation of the Demon Slayer

One of our own +Venger Satanis has, at long last, released his Old School Gothic Horror , has been teasing me for months with it, adventure "Liberation of the Demon Slayer". Unfortunately I cannot pick up my copy until Friday and I'm hoping the special pricing is still in effect at that point. However, just because I have to wait does not mean that you all have to wait.

Everything I saw from Venger's blog while this was being made promised something really good and real special, and if you hop on over to +Shane Ward 's blog The Three Toadstools you can read a bit of a review on the adventure.

The Adventure does feature mature content so be warned if you are put of by that sort of thing and expect a review by Sunday from yours truly .

"Liberation of the Demon Slayer" is available now at for $7.00 as a special price for the release. The regular price of the adventure is $9.00 so go pick it up.


  1. Thanks for the write-up. I look forward to reading your assessment in the near future. Hopefully, I delivered.

  2. Update: Due to some ISBN glitch on amazon (their fault), the book has been "on hold" for a week. It's being straightened out now, but probably won't show up on their site for another full week. Very frustrating. At least the print version should be on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow by this Friday.


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