Dream-Flea & Garrek's Kiss -Generic Creatures for any setting


AC: 13 [6]
HD: 1d4
Attack: None
Save: 18
Move: 120’
Special: Dream Toxin
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/Experience: A/5
Dream fleas are tiny creatures that can almost not be seen with the naked eye. Silver in appearance during the day and with a slight bio—illuminant glow at night the tiny creature is extremely easy to kill if found. However, the problem comes in that the Dream-Flea likes the region of the body most covered in hair; in most humanoid creatures this means the top of the head.

 Once attached to their victim, the Dream-Flea injects a toxin that causes the person to see images and events that are not real. As time goes on the victim slowly gets pulled into a pure dream state seeing whatever images the toxin creates and not reality itself.

The Dream-flea is not a deadly creature, and after it has finished feeding from its victim flies away. However, residual toxin remain in the victim’s system for the rest of his or her life causing rare but potentially powerful relapses into the dream state.

Garrek’s Kiss
AC: 5 [14]
HD: 2 [10]
Attack: Bite [1d4], Sting [1d4+poison damage]
Save: 16
Move: 30’/120 flying’
Special: Poison sting, Impregnate
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/Experience: 5/240
Garrek’s Kiss is an insect from the rain forests of the south, a large chitious creature with a long, stinger and quad mandibles. Garrek’s Kiss got its name from the Dwarf who discovered and who was its first victim. Garreck’s Kiss will ambush its prey and attach itself to the face of its victim. Once attached the Garrek’s Kiss will stab the victim multiple times with its stinger and during this has a 30% chance of laying its eggs in the victim’s stomach. Once impregnated (and if it survived the Garrek’s Kiss’s attack) the victim will die within 1d4 days when the Garrek’s Kiss larvae burst from his or her stomach. The only way to rid yourself of the egg is through Cure Disease spells or spell-like ability.

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