General Update - GSR, EoS, and 5-minute Adventures

End of another week and so another update of all the projects I am involved with goes live! First off though I want to thank everyone who has picked-up a copy of "Horus Adrift" for the "Edge of Space" Roleplaying game, I have been very surprised those far by the reaction and cannot wait to see thoughts about the adventure.

Generic Superhero Roleplaying:

Okay! First up is GSR, my more or less OSR supers game that I am slowly developing. Right now I am still working on skills. Once skills are completed I should be able to release an alpha test of the game. I am contemplating opening up a Google+ community for this in much the same way +S.D. Houston did for his Hakkenslash game system.  Currently we are sitting at 20 powers and around 15 skills. I am hoping to get up to a total of 20 skills to have the system balanced out numbers wise.

 Please don't confuse skills with D&D style skills. The Skills in GSR are closer to non-super powers. A good example would be DC Comics' Batman. Using just the skills I have listed now Batman would have: Detective, Gadgets, and Martial Arts as his skill set.

Edge of Space:

My scenario "The Corridor" is almost complete and should be up on the blog on Sunday as previously planned. I am also working on an expanded edition of the scenario for release on Onebookshelf sites for the same price as Horus Adrift (i.e. Free) to help drum up even more notice for +matt jackson's Edge of Space system.

5-Minutes Adventures

I am working on a Halloween 5-minute adventure ... or to be more precise I am working on 2 as I cannot decide if ghost pirates or a more somber and quiet type of horror is what I want to do at the moment. Heck, maybe if there is time I will do both.

The compilation/expanded versions of the previous 5-minute adventures is on hold at the moment as other things have taken priority. When it is done I hope to place them on RPGnow as a pay what you want item.

On the note of the 5-minute adventures compilation I am look for a cheap but good cover artist for the title. Anyone know anyone?

And finally, just a reminder that I will be at MEPAcon in Clarkes-Summit, PA on November 9th and 10th running Swords & Wizardry.

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