Generic Creature for any Setting (Request 2) - The Flesh (un)Relenting

This one comes courtesy of +Gennifer Bone from the RPG Design Network and was designed using Swords & Wizardry OSR ruleset.

Flesh (un)Relenting

Type: Outsider (Unique)
Armor Class: 8 [11]
Hit Dice 2
Attack: Attacks 1 Fear Spike (See Special)
Save: 18
Move: 30
Special: Aversion, Encroachment, Fear Spike, Outsider Gate
Challenge Level/XP: 3/60
The Flesh (un)Relenting is a creation of the Masters of the Outside. An invisible stalker casted into the Mortal Realms to circumvent the ancient Laws and barriers placed upon the universe by the Gods (Order, Balance and Chaos) to prevent the Outside from leaking into the Mortal Realms.
Aversion – The Flesh (un)Relenting is effectively invisible to all creatures of the Mortal Realms due the simple fact that any sane mortal’s brain would utterly refuse it’s existence and promptly forget it saw anything. Only the insane (or thus who have been stalked for too long by the Outsider) can see it. When it is seen it appears as a tall emaciated figure with a too large twitching, featureless head and a distained, straining belly.
Encroachment – The Masters of the Outside created the Flesh (un)Relenting for the sole purpose of pushing on the walls of reality. Therefore, every living creature of the Mortal Realm can feel that pressure within 30’ of the Outsider. Twice a day (usually Sunrise and Sunset) all those within the range of the Encroachment must make a Saving Throw plus Wisdom modifier. If the save is failed the one who failed loses 1 point of Wisdom.
Fear Spike – If drawn into combat the Flesh (un)Relenting will release a concentrated wave of  its Outsider aura in a 60’ cone before it. All those affected by the cone must succeed a Saving throw – 4 + wisdom modifier. If the attack is successful those in the cone suffer 1d4 Wisdom damage.

Outsider Gate - If injuried in battle to 1/4 of its starting hit points, the Flesh (un)Relenting will begin to split apart, releasing a stgnant, rotting sent that has a 60% chance of knocking anyone within 15' unconicous. If the gaping in its skin is not closed within 2 rounds the Outsider wil die and a stable, large gate to the Outside will be left in its place.  

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