Horus Adrift is Live - The Corridor will be done by Sunday!

Horus Adrift, my adventure for Chubby Monster Games' "Edge of Space" roleplaying game is now live over at RPGnow.

From RPGnow:

Three weeks ago all contact with the CSS Horus was lost while it was conducting field exercise in the Jackson’s Star solar system. The USMC sent the CSS Mayweather to investigate but all contact with S&R ship and its crew also was lost.  
The players have been sent to investigate the los of both the CSS Horus and the CSS Mayweather. What they find in their investigations wll shake their faith in the war with the Bugs and put them at death's door.
Horus Adrift is a beginning adventure for Edge of Space Rollplaying game available for free by Chubby Monster games and is meant to play in 2 to 3 hours. 

Like other products in the "Edge of Space" line, Horus Adrift is free. So go pick it up, grab the rules and have a good time.

And tell me what you think!

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