I'm on a miss ... oooh shiny!

The biggest problem I have in any kind of game creation is in research. It isn't an issue of not being able to find what I want to find. Between the internet and my personal essentric library I have most of what I need. No the problem comes in the fact that I am really, really easy to distract.

For instance, tonight I was looking up information on Apothecarys for "Lights over Innsfjord". I found the information I needed and promptly ignored the adventure and read an article on apothecarys in Babylonian times and another on common herbal cures for morning sickness in 13th century France. I've just had to stop myself from moving to another article explaining why chemisists, doctors, pharmicists and midwives split away and became speciality fields.

Last night's monster entry on the Puca (which I really wanted to call Puck) ended up with me losing myself for three hours in Welsh folktales and then cross referencing those folk tales with Norman and Highland folktales.

This is the reason why nothing I ever do is ever done ontime. I tend to run into so many tangents that I get a bit lost in them and find it hard to make my way back.

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