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Last Thursday after I released Horus Adrift I noticed a title on the RPGnow front page "Highlander: The New Era". It was a $2.00 item and only 18 pages. Being that it was a Thursday and I don't get paid until Friday I put the item in my wishlist and promptly forgot about it.

Until this morning.

Now that pay day has come and gone and bills are paid, tuition for my daughter's school sent church tithes paid and food purchased, I turned my eyes to my wishlist. To find no "Highlander: The New Era". I was somewhat bummed but figured the mistake had been on my part so I did a general search on RPGnow and Drivethru and found nothing. A Google Search revealed this:

and when clicked:

This makes me wonder what happened. The first thing that shoots to mind is that Studio 7a UK did not have the rights to or permission of the creators/license holders and either they or Onebookself received a cease & desist notice from the creators/license holders.

This in some ways makes me sad. Highlander (The Series more than the movies) was of profound effect on me in earlier teens and up through my mid-twenties. Highlander is why I love Queen, why I got into sword fighting and why I almost spent a night in jail during high school (Someone called in a bomb threat, I liked wearing trench coats because of Highlander and Columbine had just happened.). Six years ago I was bouncing off the walls to the idea of a Highlander video game (now cancelled) and I've watched the anime movie nearly as much as the original trilogy (1 and Final Dimension are good). I have the TCG, yes there was a TCG, that no one frigging played and was really complicated!

In the end I'm left to wonder would Highlander work as a Tabletop RPG? Wouldn't the various teammates eventually try to take each other's heads? Or do the players play as a gorup of Watchers? If the later is the case, than honestly a new system isn't needed, just nWoD mortals.

Now I'm babbling so I shall stop!

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