Quick Note - Congratulations Venger and Wow!

First off, congratulations +Venger Satanis for how well your adventure "The Liberation of the Demon Slayer" is doing.

Life and sick child have kept me from finishing and reviewing thus far, but I'm about half way through and I can tell you it is well deserved. I want your talent and following ancient traditions I learned in high school mythology from the Song of Sigurd I shall need to cook and eat your heart now :)

Speaking of success! While not as huge as Venger's my adventure "Horus Adrift" for "Edge of Space" has had just under 200 downloads and 3 sales, a whole heck of a lot more than I expected on both accounts. What's more 3 people downloaded my short story "Blossom in the Darkness" and 1 person bought it. To everyone out there who picked up either one: Thank you!

No seriously, Thank You! There would be choking up and attempted hugs if this was all taking place in a room with physical forms at the moment.

1 comment:

  1. Quite unexpected! Thanks for letting me know. I'm just glad that LotDS is being well received.


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