Updated - D101 Games Tomb of the Necromancers

UPDATE (1500 EST): According to +Newt Newport over at D101 Games "Tomb of the Necromancers" was accidently released early and has now been pulled. It will be made available next week. Until then I count the days and I promise I'll update as soon as it is out!

D101 Games, the guys who released the great Crypt & things low Fantasy OSR take on the Swords & Wizardry game have released an adventure just in time for Halloween for Swords & Wizardry.

Tomb of the Necromancers is a mid-level adventure for 4-6 characters and based on my quick flip through looks to be very interesting. This is only the second adventure I've gotten for D101 Games (the other being Blood of the Dragon), but this looks good. I wonder if there is anyway to adapt this to Venger's adventure to make one fall into the other?

There is no description and I've not yet read enough to give one. Still put it in your wishlists or think about it because I've honestly been impressed with D101's work so far.

RPGnow Link: Tomb of the Necromancers


  1. It is no longer there. A shame.... I was looking for a good Halloween adventure.

    1. According to +Newt Newport, D101 Games accidentally released the game a week early.


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