Quick Note - EoS Horus Adrift & The Corridor

Just a quick note on my Work with +matt jackson's "Edge of Space" setting. On the same day I release the "Horus Adrift" adventure for the system over at RPGnow I will be posting a short scenario for the system here on Genius Loci. This Scenario has a setting section that will get me a C&D notice from Matt because I've expanded on his setting information about the system in regards to before the war with the bugs.

Hopefully, however, this expanded setting information section will either be looked at as non-canon or enjoyed by all.

Meh, I'll just post it now!

Over two hundred years ago humanity broke the bounds of our home system and spread through out our arm of the Milky Way galaxy. As are all things with humanity eventually war between the colonies and home government tore the systems of The Arm apart. Only the destruction of the Wolf Solar System in an artificially created supernova ended the war.

All sides came to the table, treaties were drawn, signatures laid to paper created from the pulp of a hundred worlds. Leaders hugged and shook hands and swore “Never Again”.

The new unified Government of The Arm, the Confederation of United Systems (CUS), began the long process of rebuilding and strengthening the bonds between worlds, systems and local governments. The Confederation was successful in building a loose, but unified multi-system government, however, that success came at a great cost.

The rebuilding and unification of so many systems over such a span of light-years crippled the Confederation financially and the flames of rebellion and war began to be stoked again. Burdened and falling under increased financial constraints and pressures, with enemies and ramble-rousers on all sides the Confederation turned to the colonization of new worlds and systems beyond The Arm, in the inner sections of the Milky Way, into the frontier, the unknown.

What humanity found in the frontier was something old, something strange and different and so frightening, that the old brain, the brain of the small scavenger, begged humanity to run, to hide. We did not.

The Space Maritime Corps (SMC), previously functioning as convey guards and security for colonies and travel of goods between systems was reorganized and set to the task of war with these new enemies.

Veterans of the old war stood in lines to re-enlist, but it was not enough more were needed; these enemies were powerful, fearless and craved humanities destruction.

The war goes on, The Bugs are slowly advancing, humanity is losing ground but the Arm has not yet been breeched.

Suit up.

Again, if not liked I will remove this post and delete the section from the scenario.

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