Quick Note - Update on Lights Over Innfjord Swords & Wizardry Adventure

Not a content update this time, I'm afraid to say. Progress on this adventure is going pretty good. I've just about finished with the town itself as well as the town and inn rumor table (I cheated a little, several rumors are the same between both) and the town itself has been laid out and many of the named NPCs  stated out.

I've drawn up a few sketches of the wilderness area around the town and have started planning the "What's that!" stuff that I think shows my love of Elder Scrolls games (no rumors for a few of these, just things that may interest and get the players exploring). Some of these locations are planned to be mapped but many of them are just interesting locations that a referee can use in the future and make important on his or her own.

The plan right now is for 5 dungeons:

The Lighthouse - 5 levels
The Caves (Under the Lighthouse) - 2 levels
The Lost Temple - 3 levels
Random Crypt 1 - 1 level
Random Crypt 2 - 2 levels

The Caves and The Lost Temple have the most interesting designs in the sketches I've done and I hope to have the sketches posted by tomorrow. Like with my Horus Adrift adventure for Edge of Space, the final maps will be made using Pyromancers since I am no +matt jackson or +Dyson Logos .

My wife works this weekend so I can get a lot done on Sunday but Saturday is pretty much lost to me due to work.

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