Quick Note - What's in a name?

First a quick shout out to +Danny Prescott and +Theo Evans for the awesome work they did! Anyone out there gets the chance or needs some artists these guys are awesome! I hall be posting what they did for me later!

Now then, with a whole heaping of well wishing and possible support from the folks over at +RPG Design Network till debating with my wife on money guys!). I've decided to go ahead and compile and release all of my monsters and creatures from this blog and my adventures in a single digital (and maybe POD) tome. The proposed name is:

Cartographer Guild's Guide to the Creatures, Monsters and Oddities.

This collection will feature over 40 new monsters and creatures for OSR games, including a few that have not been seen before on this blog or in my adventures. I am hoping for a Spring of next year release of the collection (again due to the need to piecemeal the cost of hiring artists and such).

That is all I have for now and going forward.

As for today, I'll be working on "Lights Over Innfjord" when not cleaning or doing laundry!

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