Three Generic Creatures for Any Setting and a Halloween Contest!

This weekend I took my family to our favorite haunted hayride, one that I typically gush about every year. This year, despite the 4 hour wait (which was off-set by an excellent metal band, roaring bonfire and some wicked cool Klingon fire dancing!) , I must once again gush and more so than ever before. This is mainly due to the fact that the cast this year was not afraid to terrorize my 8-year-old daughter and because they changed the production up. Some of the old sets were still used, however, new and frightening horrors waited!
If anyone is near the NEPA area you need to go to Reaper’s Revenge!
Now for a contest: Below in the comments, tell me a great personal horror experience from a haunted hayride or a haunted house or field. They don’t need to be scary, just entertaining and memorable! The winner will be picked on Friday November 1st and will receive a $10.00 RPGnow/Drivethrurpg gift card!
In honor of Reaper’s Revenge and Halloween I present the following three down and dirty quick monsters!
As always thoughts?
Zombie Dance Troupe
Type: Undead
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Hit Dice 3
Attack: Attacks 2 (1d8+2 Strike, 1d4+2 Bite*)
Save: 14
Move: 6
Special: *Infectious Bite, Thrilling Dance
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240
The Zombie Dance Troupe was once a band of traveling bards. While traveling the bards were beset by a horde of undead. Now they roam the land in mindless unlife, spreading the disease that created them through their bite (45% chance on successful bite attack, save negates) and continuing their careers unknowingly. Through some strange happenstance, the Zombie Dance Troupe retains their ability to dance and perform physical acts beyond a shambling walk. However, these actions have taken a twisted course in their unlife. Anyone who sees the Thrilling Dance of the Zombie Dance Trope fills the pull of that dance and may rush to join it (Save -5 negates). Once a living being joins the dance the Zombie Dance Troupe will attack them and automatically turn them into a new trouper in the Zombie Dance Troupe.
The White Garbed Twins
Type: Undead
Armor Class: 4  [16]
Hit Dice 6
Attack: Attacks 1 Dagger(1d6+ Poison )
Save: 11
Move: 15
Special: Mad Rambling, quick Step
Challenge Level/XP: 9/1,100
Mad Rambling – all creatures within a 30' radius of the mad rambling must succeed a saving throw or be affected as though by the “Confusion” special for 1d4 turns
Quick Step – The Twins move at an uncanny pace seeming to appear and reappear quickly as if several of their steps were not seen as they moved toward their target.  The Twins can quick step up to 30 feet in one turn if no target creatures are adjacent to them. Quick Step must always end at a target and must always end with an attack action.  
Type: Construct
Armor Class: 1 [19]
Hit Dice 8+8
Attack: Attacks 2 (dagger 2d6)
Save: 8
Move: 30
Special: Immortal, Silent movement
Challenge Level/XP: 10/1,400

A life sixed porcelain doll imbued with the insane soul of a Arch-mage’s dead lover.   Driven to madness by no longer being able to feel, the Pygmalion (her true name lost to time) killed the arch-mage and vanished into the legend and folklore. Some say she is still in the Arch-mage’s laboratory, other that she roams the great forests killing anything with warmth or a beating heart.
Immortal – When the arch-mage created her, he placed protections on the construct form of his dead love. The porcelain body of the construct will always repair itself in 1d6 day x negative hit points. Once reformed the Construct will hunt those that beat he, making it her sole goal until all of those who attacked her are dead. The only true way to beat the construct is to say her true name.
Silent Movement - The Pygmalion never makes a sound when she moves no matter the environment and will always win surprise


  1. I once went on a haunted hayride where a woman was so scared she kind of. . . well . . . messed herself. And it was near the beginning, and many people were complaining about an awful smell.

    Did I mention yet that she was also my date for the night? Yeah. . . I think we went out for coffee once after that.

  2. BTW, I am seriously considering do a Fear Itself scenario using the pygmalion. I am thinking a re-telling of the movie Puppet Master...just without the crazy mullets.

    Actually, the mullets will be a PC requirement

  3. +Christopher Reed, I feel for you man. That is just ... wow!

    Also, glad you like the pygmalion. When you say "Fear Itself" what do you mean? The only thing with that title is the Marvel Comics summer event cross over from a few years ago.

    1. Fear Itself is a horror game written by Robin D. Laws that uses the GUMSHOE system. It is quite good and very easy to learn. It is usually my preferred game where the players are playing ordinary or normal characters.

  4. I'm loving the monsters! I'll have to see if I can come up with something scary that's happened to me. Actually I have , but its in no way halloweeney , or haunted housey. One night I was coming home (i lived in the country, small town, very quiet). Anyways it was a bit late, and I'd had a few drinks. So I'm walking up the driveway, past the side of the house to the back door. Not really expecting anyone as its like 2 am, right. go around the corner to go up the steps to the backdoor. and my bros g/f is standing there having a smoke. obviously I didn't expect anyone. it was as I said SUPER QUIET. I lost it, I couldn't speak, I had this huge sense of dread, as it was so unexpected, my heart was pounding, and she's just standing there smoking and trying to calm me down, "are you okay?"... seriously couldn't talk for a minute.

  5. Very nice. While I'll never use a zombie dance troupe, I love the white garbed twins and Pygmalion.


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