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I swear after the Con this weekend I will be back up to my old tricks and talks and ideas. Right now, however, enjoy more on the Innsfjord adventure.

W-7. The Unicorn Graveyard
The Sylvan field stretches out before the players, a grove of temperate summer in the harshest winter. In the center a huge dolmen resides on a small raised mound, ivy stretching up and around it. Birds uncommon to the region sing beautiful song and the air smells slightly of the flowers that grow everywhere.

The Unicorn graveyard is a large clearing, deep in the forests. Inside the clearing the world seems to have moved a few hundred miles south as grasses, flowers and fauna uncommon to the frigid north grow easily here. Birds flutter about singing and swopping around in joy and a warm breeze blows.

If a Law aligned character steps into the graveyard he or she will feel the aching pains of battle and adventure fading away. For every round a Law aligned character stays in the graveyard one point of damage is healed.

If a Chaos aligned character steps into the graveyard two things happen. First a saving throw must be meet or the character be overcome with nausea and second a spectral unicorn, the eternal guardian of the graveyard will appear from the dolman and attack the Chaos aligned character. If any other characters attempt to defend the Chaos aligned character they too will be attacked.

While in the Unicorn Graveyard the players have a 2 in 6 chance of discovering a fossilized unicorn horn. This horn, when touched to a Law aligned character’s forehead acts as a cure light wounds spell. The horn can be used forty times before losing its magical properties.

Spectral Unicorn (1): HD 6, 37; AC 1[18]; ATK 2 hoofs (1d8), horn (1d8 + Level Drain); SV 12; MV; 30; AL L; CL/XP 6/120; Special Level Drain (save negates), Magic resistance (25%), Teleport 360’ 1/day

W-8. Corrupted Ranger Camp
Once this place may have been a small, semi-permanent hunting camp for a regional band of rangers and hunters. What is still left is scrap, torn and broken and half burnt to the ground. By all appearances the camp had fallen under attack and the rangers did not win.

Bodies litter the ground and the old fire pits look to have been cold a very longer time. There doesn’t appear to be anything of any importance in the camp in the camp and the bodies have been dead long enough to begin to rot.

If the players should investigate the camp all will remain quiet until they reach the center of camp. Once at the center of the Ranger Camp the bodies rise up from where they had been laying and attempt to attack the players.

Zombie Rangers (6): HD 2, 8; AC 8 [11]; ATK 1d8; ; SV 16; MV 6: AL N; CL/XP 2/30; Special Immune to sleep and charm spells.

Further investigation of the area will reveal three things to the players:
·         A small bronze pendant featuring a stylized squid over a horizontal crescent moon.
·         Tracks, obviously not human heading north and west; Toward Stone Hold.
·         2 sets of functioning leather armor, 80 arrows and a a nicely made satchel

Referee’s Note – Unless the players brought the zombies to negative their hit points or burned them to death the zombie rangers will recover their HP in 1d6 days and move toward the town of Innsfjord. Also if any magic-user has any sort of mage sight working he or she will see black strings stretching away from the zombies toward the Lighthouse.

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