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So last night I put up a very short little story snippet that was very obvious set in +matt jackson's Edge of Space roleplaying game system. The same system that my previously published adventure "Horus Adrift: An Edge of Space Adventure" was set in.

That story segment is the beginning of my next Edge of Space, adventure "Helena's Gauntlet" an adventure that is more everything going wrong and less about beating up aliens with exo-skeletons. In this adventure that players will take up the roll of members of the Hellreaver Squad an utterly normal military unit that just happens to be the last people left in the city of Helena after a bug assault goes horribly right. The players will guide and attempt to make it to an Evac ship near the city's center while navigating the underground, and ruined streets of Helena, all while trying to avoid the Bugs that still patrol the city.

Currently the adventure is planned to be between 12 and 18 pages in length, feature two new bug types as well as M.A.R.S unit support (if the players can find one) and pre-made characters for anyone who doesn't want to make their own.

Maps will again be created using pyromancer.com or myself if I can figure out how to make a city map that looks like a photo from a drone flyer. As before the title will be pay-what-you-want and exist under creative commons. I am currently looking for a cheap to free cover artist as well as a piece or two of interior art to go along with the premade characters.

As far as I know "Helena's Gauntlet" will be the third 3rd party published adventure within the Edge of Space universe and the forth 3rd party product for the system/universe.

Look for Helena's Gauntlet around mid December if I can help it!

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  1. I believe you are correct, this should be the fourth product connected to EoS but the third direct adventure for the game. You have yours and +Felbrigg Herriot has one. +Josh Mannon also made a few but they are more based on than taking place in the same setting.

    Cannot wait to see this one, Horus was really cool.


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