Quick Note - I'm embarrassed to do this but ...

Okay, I've been running around asking questions, getting quotes and ... and it turns out that Innsfjord is going to cost a hell of a lot more money than I have even if I ad-hoc the way I'm doing with the monster guide.

To be honest I don't know if I could afford it and kickstarter or indiegogo aren't good options for me. I'm not asking for donations, but I will ask a small favor. If anyone wants, can or has the opportunity to do so please go through my banners when you want to make purchases over at drivethru, dndclassics and rpgnow.

For anyone that doesn't know, for every dollar spent I get back about 5 cents. I'm not lying when I say every penny from drivethru does, is and will be going toward Innsfjord.

I am really embarrassed to be asking this ...

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