Quick Note - A Quick Update on nearly everything

With the "peak" time of year now here for my profession I have a nasty feeling that my ability to post a lot on the blog will be greatly reduced. Just the lose of my mornings in the last two weeks has negatively affected my ability to blog and to read the materials I would like to review (heck, I'm now back to my four re-reading of Liberation of the Demon Slayer). However, I am still trying to plug away at everything I am working on for Genius Loci Games, various fan-zines (speaking of, does anyone know when +Erik Tenkar's 'zine is being released?) and this blog. As such, her is a very short update on everything I am working on at the moment.

Helena's Gauntlet

My second entry into the Edge of Space setting is moving along swiftly with alpha map designing done and mostly hand written write-ups on the different streets and areas that are left standing for the players to explore. Despite my descriptionin the short fiction piece, Helena is a very "small" location comprising of about a ten block rnage of the city and a small fraction of its underground tub stations/network.

Lights over Innsfjord

Innsfjord is fastly becoming my "bite off more than I can chew" project but is also moving slowly forward. I took a great hit to my self-esteem when I discovered how much art would run me for the adventure but still it is pressing on. I'm currently on the final alpha piece of the adventure with the wildress, temple, town and caves all being done. A mixture of play at the convention and reviewing Venger's adventure have helped hone Innsjord a bit more than it previously was. I'm still hoping to have a completely down adventure by year's end with art and other assets pushing a release to next spring.

Generic Super Hero Roleplaying.

Honeslty I haven't done much with this since my last update. However, I have filled nearly an entire Steno book with notes, ideas and just general musings on the system.

note: Steno books are a gift to all humanity!


  1. Zine is on hold - work and life have been eating up most of my time, and Christmas has turned into over a dozen Santas and a dozen days on the blog side come mid december.

    i can blog in minutes stolen here and there, but the zone needs time devoted, which i just dont have at the moment

    hoping things start returning to normal come the new year

  2. Glad I and LotDS could help! Sorry to hear about your wrist.

    1. Honestly, LotDS is full of good design ideas for how to present an adventure. Thanks again for a great book!


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