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Let us start of by saying that I spent much of last night and this morning at the hospital. My aunt is sick and we will leave it at that. However, because of my time away from home and electronics the second half of my review for Liberation of the Demon Slayer will be postponed until tomorrow. My apologizes on that.

In other news the Generic Superhero Roleplaying System is chugging along at a steady, if slow, rate. My current projections place it as being available for Alpha by the beginning of the new year (yuck, pushed back again). Things have modified little from the last preview in terms of rules or how powers work. I am hoping to start Roll20 based tests in January.

Lights over Innsfjord saw a playtest over the weekend at the 2013 Fall MEPAcon convention. Must of the feedback was positive, however the sandbox feel of the adventure was one of the criticisms. I want to run some more tests before I make any choices regarding the flow and feel of the game but I have begun to look into changing the beginning so that the characters are right in the action.

Other news of Innsfjord actual come out of the review of +Venger Satanis's LotDS in that I will now be including setting information. Originally Innsfjord was going to be a stand alone product, but with some of the changes to the Eira lore that I've been playing around with it now fits perfectly within the main setting.

Changes to Eira are rather major in terms lore and some aspects of gaming. Previously the Pixie, Cat-Sith and Au-Sidhe were well known populations in Eira. Due to the growing prevalence in the war between the Au-Sidhe and the Un-Sidhe, however, only the Cat-sith are a known population, with the Pixies being a new people who are running from the ever growing war between the two fae civilizations. Au-Sidhe are now removed from player options as a playable race as well waking the available races Cat-Sith, Dwarf, Human and Pixie.

A lot of the lore in Eira has been wrapped around creature creation and motivations and as anyone who has read a lot of my creature write-ups can see the war between the fae is the major reason for the existence of so many monsters. A further change is that the Outside plays a bigger role in the game world and is a ... for lack of a better term, shadow threat, as will be shown in the Innsfjord adventure.

I have also begun the pre-planning stages for another adventure in +matt jackson's "Edge of Space" setting. This one will be a little more straight forward than Horus was but not as combat heavy as Corridor.

Finally, I've created a new race/class for the OSR relief package which should be up on Friday. I ask that everyone consider picking this up not for my work but for the help your money will bring.

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