Kickstarter Barking - The Island of Purple-Haunted Putrescence

+Venger Satanis's who is the creator of Liberation of the Demon Slayer (see part one of my review here) has just started a kickstarter campaign for another massive adventure. Unlike the dungeon crawl of LotDS, The Island will will be a wilderness adventure. That's right, take Venger's flavor for the Lovecraftian and Weird Fantasy and place it in an open world!

The kickstarter has a pretty average buy in rate with  $10 getting donors a .pdf, $20 getting them a soft cover and so on and so forth up to $150 which gets the donor a chance to help create a a piece of the adventure. That could be anything from an NPC on up (but I would suppose within reason and copyright).

The Island of the Purple-Haunted Putrescence runs for the next 29 days, so it has a rather short funding cycle, but goal is at a reasonable $3,500. Venger has also kept the stretch goals at a pretty reasonable level with page and story increases rather than the oft-doomed physical rewards.

Take a look and if you liked LotDS or just enjoy weird and some times WTFD roleplaying, put a few bucks in the pot!

I'll be adding a widget to the side of the page here so we can all keep track in a moment!

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