Quick Note - Creature Guide, Eira and more

Yesterday I released the Creature Guide, a collection of monsters and creatures from this blog an a number of adventures (both published and unpublished). All said the book contains 43 monsters and comes in at 27 pages.

So far the Guide is not doing to well and I am trying to figure out ways of improving sales and getting the book out there. One of those is a new cover. While I love the simplicity of the current cover (and +Theo Evans art), I must admit that the simple white and black nature of the cover may be turning people away from it. The potential new cover is still being figured out but below is my idea so far. I need to get in contact with some people to see about a small image for the cover but so far the center is blank

I have also removed the "Preview Edition" from the title as that may have also impacted anyone taking a look at the book.


Eira has gone through a number of changes recently, the biggest being that I have decided to take my own advice and make the setting older with more mysteries and places of old magic and ... well wonder. This being the case after Innsfjord is completed I am going to be going back my abandoned project for Knockspell "The Mad Mage's Tomb" as both a way of connecting Innsfjord to the wider world of Eira and to explore a less ... pulpy side of the world.

Some people may remember a few mentions and previews of "The Mad Mage's Tomb" from the blog's earliest days, if not take a look at


I feel as I continue into the depths of Innsfjord and into the streets of my Helena project that I am getting a little too dark for what I want to accomplish as a game designer. I won't be adding in anything crazy but the Unicorn Graveyard is probably the closest to breath-taking wonder I've managed to insert into anything of late.

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