Quick Note - The Gifts of the Frog Gods!

Got my Frog god gift box in today. I picked up the $30.00 box for mainly financial reasons but I am impressed by what I got.

The List:

Swords & Wizardry Monster Deck
Rappan Athuk kickstarter pin
Necromancer Games sticker
K2 - The Diamond Fortress
G5 - Chaos Rising
G7 - Morrick Mansion
The Tome of Horrors III
The Lost City of Barakus

A lot of old Necromancer Games stuff for 3rd edition. I had my fingers crossed for more S&W type stuff but still great haul for $30.00!

If any of you haven't looked at Erik Tenkar's post about this than I suggest you either do that or head right over to the Frog's site for the deal!

Also I bet I'm the reason for the big red text message at the top of the page. My apologizes +Bill Webb and the rest of the Frogs!

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