Quick Note - The Robathen's Coin finally released

Six years ago I wrote a short novelette that was my homage and swan song to the Swords and Sorcery genre of pulp storytelling. Originally I shopped it around to publications like Weird Tales and a few small internet anthologies. Never heard back.

For a long time the manuscript sat in a folder on my desktop. Forgotten for other projects and life in general. However, the main character, a small, waifish thief continued to pop up in my head, demanding that I go back and tell her stories. There is always more Arame, always more adventures ... this was her first.


 On the dark streets of the Free City of Wickend's Old District a wealthy Robathen merchant searches for a thief capable enough to reclaim a valuable Heirloom. Who he finds is not what he expected in a thief.

Arame, the mysterious cloaked thief from the deserts of Quetar. Slight of stature and soft spoke. Takes the job to recover what the Robathen has lost, but he job is not as simple as it seems. Soon Arame will find herself thrust into a world of demons, mystics and a mark that will haunt and hunt her.

Join Arame in her first novelette, a classic pulp-style Swords & Sorcery tale of sulking thieves, dangerous magics and a hero well over her head.

The Robathen's Coin - A Tale of Arame of Quater - Now avaliable @ Drivethrufiction and soon at Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.

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