Blog Hop - Day's 13 & 14 and a new Creature!

Day 13 – The First Miniature I Used
Never used a miniature to be honest in any of the games that either I or one of the Brothers 4 ran. We never had battlemaps or talked in terms of grid. Everything was done in my head and with marks on the maps that I drew for my own personal reference in the games.
Surprisingly, combat ran rather smoothly due to this and at a rather fast past. It wasn’t until I moved to using Fantasy Grounds II back in 2008 that I used my first miniature. It was of course a digital one that I now believe Paizo calls “pawns”. It was a simple head shot of my Bard from DDO in all his bald glory in a small ring that looked like blue fire. Obviously I don’t still have it nor would I have wanted to keep it considering I let him die so as to leave the game … poor Feld.
Day 14 – Hahahahahahaha
My wife hates, hates, hates (that is how she would say it) roleplaying games, board games and video games. She okay with LARPing since its outside and people are moving about but she would never play it as she’d be too shy and introverted to get into character … or even interact with anyone else. So I suppose this means a monster!

The Erosi
Once a year they come, like locust upon the land. The Fae have no need for them, the mortals have no want of them … and yet they come and leave havoc in their wake.

Type: Fae, Lesser
Hit Dice: 2+2
Armor Class: 7 [12]
Attacks: Weapon (enchanted bow 1d6+2)
Saving Throw:  16
Special: Charm, Lust, Magic Resistance 50%
Move: 12/24 flying [60’/120 flying]
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

Erosi:  HD 2+2; AC 7[12]; Atk Weapon (1d6+2); ST 16; MV 12/24 flying[60’/120’]; Al Neu; CL/XP 5/240; Special Charm, Lust  Magic Resistance 50%

Special Abilities
Charm – With every successful attack from the Erosi’s bow there is a 25% chance that the target will be affected by this ability. Treat as a Magic-User’s Charm spell. Successful saving throw negates.

Lust – There is a 50% chance that on a successful attack with the Erosi’s bow that the target of the attack will fall into lust with the next compatible mortal he sees. While under the affects of Lust the target will think of and do nothing but attempt to gain the other mortal he lusts after. Successful saving throw negates the affects of Lust.

Erosi are a Lesser Fae from the Eternal Lands of the Au-Sidhe. They are beings of love and and love-making who enjoy and delight in the “sport” of all living creatures. To many of the Greater Fae of the Au-Sidhe, the Erosi are seeing as pests, the way a mortal would see a May Fly.

The Erosi are small fae, approximately the same height as the mortal Pixie (between 8 and 12 inches in  height) and have a bluish pink tin to their hairless bodies. The majority of Erosi appear as males in the prime of life, however, the species is metamorphic and can take the form of either male or female depending on their mood.

While primarily contained to the Summer Lands of Au-Sidhe, the Erosi are permitted entry into the Mortal Realms once a year near the end of Winter. The reason for this is unclear, although some believe it is for the Erosi’s own mating rituals.

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