D&D Blog Hop - Days 9 through 11

Day 9 – The Firs t Campaign Setting
Stole my allowence for 3 years.
The vast majority of the games I have run and the very few that I have been part of have been homebrew in nature. Once Eberron was played as a one shot when one of The Brothers Four picked up the 3.5 campaign setting book. After that we never played in the setting again … however, Warforged left a good enough impression on us that they sometimes appeared as very rare, very ancient beings from a long gone and forgotten Age.
Best fantasy anime ever!
Technically you could say that Mystara was our first setting. Although it would not have been the Mystara of TSR. No, as the DM and lover of Capcom’s Dungeons & Dragons games, the Mystara we adventured in as much different. For one, as stated I loved the Capcom arcade games, and my Mystara was pretty much their Mystara with a heavy dose of Lodoss to flesh things out.
Day 10 – First Gaming Magazine You Ever Bought
I tihnk it was this one!
That would be Dragon Magazine. I picked it up at the 1st Cav Mini PX on Fort Hood (the one near the Sports Bar and Library for anyone stationed there!) back in 2000. I cannot remember the issue number or half the articles, but what I do remember is a full page article with pictures of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie and a few pages on the upcoming 3rd edition Rogue. I remember not being able to understand most of what I read at the time due to the simple fact that I played the starter box set twice and that was my only knowledge of D&D at that point.
I actually picked up Dungeon and Dragon every month from that PX up and through leaving Ft. Hood in 2004. True, I only played D&D for a year of that time, but for some reason I enjoyed the articles, comics and reviews of video games and books.

Day 11 – The First Splat Book You Ever Begged Your DM to Approve
Much better than the movie!
I have very rarely been on the player side, however, in the game in which I played Feld the Bard there was a time when I attempted to get a splat book approved … and managed to in a limited way. At the time I was getting rather bored with the limited quality of Feld’s and thus Bard spells available to me at the time. So I spent time looking through all my books (which by that time I had quite a few) and found some interesting Bard spell options in (of all things) The Book of Vile Darkness. I can no longer remember the spell (I think it made people’s heads exploded) but I got it and one other spell from the book approved and started off an actual story event in which Feld was given a book of songs by a Silver Elf of Mu (which were evil and thought to be long dead) in an attempt to corrupt Feld and use him and his music as a weapon.

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