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Game Geeks wasn't able to do a review this week (A shame since he was starting to pick back up again after a few years of very few reviews) but they did instead give us, the Community, homework. And honestly it is some homework that I have been wondering about myself of late to ask in this blog: Pick a TV Series and talk about it as an inspiration to gaming. Systems are optional.

My pick? Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" using Eden Studio's Cinematic Unisystem (Buffy/Angel). The show itself is great dark urban fantasy and is really building a strong mythological foundation that can be easily expanded upon and "blown up" to encompass more than just the titular town.

I have honestly been questioning using the show as the inspiration for a Salem based Sabres and Witchery game.

So, how about everyone else? What television shows, past or present inspire you and your games?

In other news the awesome and indomitable +Christopher Helton was kind enough to share a page full of the original basic TSR Marvel game. Give the man a hand for his awesomeness ... and pray he doesn't kill me for linking.

I've only browsed it so far and honestly it seems rather fun. The actual randomness and precent dice based creation system will take a bit to get used to (I was expecting D&D Basic with a new skin honestly) but it is really informative to what I've been looking to do. I will also say woohoo to Wolverine in his earthtones!

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