Quick Note - The Caverns Of Ugard

More of a shout-out than anything else. +Shane Ward of The 3 Toadstools blog has just released a dungeon and map created using the pattern that I linked to last night. This dungeon, "The Caverns of Ugard", is particularly awesome on Shane's part and serves as an inspiration to my humble-self as a a guide and a slap in the head for my own future work.

It is a very good dungeon, a great set piece to be flung into nearly any LL or B/X style game. Goand take a look!

The Caverns of Ugard

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  1. Thank you very much for the kind words Joshua! I wasn't sure if it would be mediocre or not. I'm guessing there maybe a few too many monsters in it, I guess depending on level of the PCs. once again thanks :)


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