Quick Note - General Adventure 1 - The Murky Deeps for Sale

Trolling aorund rpgnow today looking for onsale/cheap stock art to collect for future use I cam across this recent re-release by WOTC of the TSR 2e adventure The Murky Deep. Now as many of the readers of Genius Loci know I was not gaming in the 2e days (or the 0e or 1e days) so this completely missed me and has no fond memory factor to force me to buy it. Still I wish listed it after reading the history, exploring the full preview and observing the page count.

It seems fun and full of the kind of things I have heard legendary stories about ... Plus mid-level adventures are my weakest link in game design so if I can learn how through an autodidact process ... EVIL SCHEMES!

Okay and I thought the cover was pure awesome. One of the things I utterly adore about 2e Dungeons and Dragons is the cover art. I could stare at it for hours on end with out losing any interest!

So yeah, GA1: The Murky Deeps is available as of yesterday over at rpgnow.com!

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