Quick Note - Genius Loci Games has its first DTRPG review

While not the first review one of my products received (that honor goes to +Erik Tenkar's review of The Creature Guide), I just got word of a review for my newest product (Under the Horn) over at Drivethrurpg. I am stunned, amazed and giddy not over just the review but that it is a 4 star review! Woohoo!

Now off to shower after 3 hours of snow shoveling and to once again attempt to type up my entry into OSR Superstar. Have a cup of coffee and start to dream of another adventure ... maybe another Xplorers?


  1. Nice! I had to do a bit of shoveling, too, this morning. Good luck on the OSR Superstar competition!

    1. Thanks, Venger! I can definately use it. Looks like I'll be against some stiff competition.


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