Quick Note - Moving Forward & another movie!

With March quickly approaching I find myself choking under the self imposed deadline of "Lights over Innsfjord". Again I wonder if I have bitten off more than I can chew, especially after the moderate (by my middling standards at least) of both "The Nest" and "Under the Horn" (which now has 2 4-5 star reviews and 1 4-5 star ratings!). I may need to push back the first completed draft of Innsfjord and that strikes me as a sad thing.

This project started out as another "Five Minute Adventure" like "Rats in the Well" and "Three Knocks at the Crypt Door" before it. However, the project soon took a life of its own and moved from a simple 5 - 10 page adventure into a sprawling mini-sandbox that is now upwards to 50 pages and not yet complete ... gulp ... Add to this the distractions of real life (snow, work, a crumbling marriage) and time seems to be moving so much faster than it should be with the finalization and completion of the adventure. That said I am glad I decided to copy Venger and go it alone for this first outing (although it really isn't my first anymore) instead of running to kickstarter/indiegogo for support in the production of the adventure.

I am hoping at this point that things will be ready for mid to late March instead of the beginning. My wife has a business trip in the middle of the month which should secure me some much needed time to work on the project. However, there is also the reality that my hours at my real job may soon be increasing as a need to afford daycare for my children (babysitter quit to move to England ... lucky kid!). I have been contemplating trying my hand at paetron like Matt Jackson and Dyson Logos ... but unlike them I have no awesome skill to support or give extra of.

I am also in the first stages of my next 2-page adventure. This will be another chapter in the Xplorers setting and will be a full up of sorts to the first 2-page adventure "The Nest". Now, by first stages I mean I drew a rough sketch of the map and have the 2 sentence story prompt written ... lots of twos.

Finally, I was carousing around youtube today looking for some nice Skyrim type music when I ran across the movie below. It was made by the same folks that did the pretty awesome "Hunt for Gollum" a few years back.  It is a bit dirtier than typical Tolkien works/fan works but is a great feeling film that really does well with what it has.

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