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After a very long break from the Eira setting I have finally gotten back to work. Below is a not quite done alpha build of the Dwarven race. What's missing? Well, as I've said before each of the races in the Eira Setting (Cat-Sith, Dwarven, Humans, Pixies) have racial classes. There are 3 to 4 raceless classes (like the previously shown Highlander and Blood Witch), but for the most part the races are locked to the 2 or 3 choices of class their race allows.  It is the Dwarven classes that I have yet to finish, I have broad outlines in one of my many notebooks, but as of the moment, I hav enothing in firm type.

The Dwarven have three classes (but depending on the kind of Dwarven you are you can only pick from 2). These are the Battle Priest (A Cleric), Delver (A dungeoneer Ranger/Rogue), and the Shield-Sworn (A fighter).

Remember, this is an Alpha build, hot of the word processor. There are and will be changes made in both style, design and obviously grammer/spelling.

Enjoy and as always feedback is greatly welcome!



Refugees from the lands beyond the Dawn Sea, Dwarven came to Eira over 500 years ago as a people on the brink of extinction. It was through the Dwarven’s knowledge of metallurgy stonework that they gained land and respect with the native races of Eira. However, they are still seen as outsiders, especially to humans, and while accepted, prejudice does exist, especially in the rural and northern areas of Eira. 

The Dwarven built thirteen colonies when they came to Eira. Six colonies where built along the craggy cliffs of the Dawn Sea to watch for the Darkness that drove them from their homes. Six colonies were built in the mountains deeps, to supply the metals and stone for Dwarven works. And one was founded in the Drakken Forest, to watch the roads and keep safe the ore. The final colony was lost and never found again.  

It was the arrival of the Dwarven to Eira that initially united the human clans under one banner, and it was Dwarven metallurgy that moved the island forward to a land of Steel. It is for these creations, or gifts as some would say, that Dwarven are held in high regard by some, and hated by others.

For the 500 years that the Dwarven has called Eira home, they have struggled to keep their culture and their heritage alive. To each other they continue to speak Mulzul, while to outsiders they speak the common tongue of Eira. They also keep their festivals and feasts private, rarely inviting any of the native Eirans.

Unfortunately, the years on Eiran soil, the centuries away from their homeland and the threat that they ran from have caused those Dwarven born on Eiran soil to be consumed with a driving need to explore and experience the world in which they live, instead of hanging onto and defending against a past that they have no memories of. Due to this generational divide, many of the Dwarven settlements are slowly emptying as the young and strong leave to make their way in Eira, leaving only those older Dwarven from the Old Home to defend their colonies, and continue their traditions.

Prime Attributes: Strength or Constitution  + 15 (5% Experience Bonus)
Required Attributes: Strength + 13, Constitution + 13
Hit Dice: As Class
Weapons permitted: As Class
Armor Permitted: As Class
Racial Weapon: Receive +1 to To-Hit when using axes
Child of Stone: Dwarves get a +1 to all saving throws in regards to stonework every 2 levels to 10th level.
Cast Iron Stomach: +2 on saving throws against poison.

Dwarven Appearance
Dwarven typically stand between 4’8” in height to 5’2” inches in height. The males of the race are typically shorter than the females, but are of a stouter and more muscular build, have huge trunk-like arms and barrel chests and sport great beards that are typically kept in braids.  Females of the race are typically taller than their male counter-parts with slighter frames and a more athletic build.

Dwarven pride themselves in their ornamentation and often sport elaborate stone and metal works on their beards and in their hair. The race as a whole typically has black hair, but on rare occasion a red-head will be born. It is unheard of to see a Dwarven with short hair or no beard as the race’s hair is as unbreakable as the metal they mine.

Dwarven are a mortal race and therefore will eventually die due to age, health and disease. The average life span of a Dwarven is 600 years, but some have been known to live well into their 700s. due to their long lifespan, Dwarven are not considered to be mature until they have reached their first Bench Mark (or 100th birthday). This event is typically a time of festivals and feasts among the Dwarven and is when the now adult Dwarven is allowed to begin auditioning with the Trades.

The Two Arch-Clans
While their exists twelve Clans of Dwarven on Eira, they are divided into two Arch-Clans; The Coastal Dwarven whose peoples live and man the great sea forts of the Dwarven, and the Mountain Dwarven who mine and prospect the great mountains in Eira’s north. Both of the Arch-Clans have six minor Clans, one for each of the colonies, however, these twelve minor clans are made up of the fragments of over fifty clans that had existed before the escape from the Old Home, and sometimes old hatreds and minor feuds still spring up.

Coastal Dwarven
Coastal Dwarven have defended the Dawn Sea since first coming to the Land of Eira. They are honest, humble people with a slow gaiting speech and a love for stories. Hardworking and focused the Coastal Dwarven tend to shy from alcohol and other drugs, preferring instead meditation and the study of their religious history.

Racial Classes: Battle Priest, Shield-Sworn
Racial Abilties:  Low Light vision 60’

Mountain Dwarven
Mauntain Dwarven have lived, worked and defended the hills, mountains and roads of Eira for nearly 400 years. A Strong and boastful people, the Mountain Dwarven have spent the last 300 years providing most of the ore and gold for the entire Dwarven race and fighting a never-ending war with the demi-mortals that call the roots of the mountains home.

 Due to their hard, and often short lives, the Mountain Dwarven have taken the mantra of “living for the day” to the extreme and are often found to be drinking, fighting and attempting stunts and feats of bravery and strength unseen in the Coastal Dwarven.

Racial Classes: Delver, Shield Sworn
Racial Abilities: Dark Vision 60’

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