The Horn Cover image complete

Well, I'm not going to lie. This isn't what I was looking for when I did the commission. But one of the downfalls of the person I use  is that it is a once an done process (justifies his cheap price). The image doesn't affect "Under the Horn" at all, but it may affect the follow-up 2-page adventure "Into the Horn" that I've just started outlining.


As for "Under the Horn". I may be done tonight/tomorrow depending on whether or not my wife takes an extra shift at the hospital.


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    1. More of a small fantasy village instead of the glowing skyscapers. I have re-written a small part of the adventure to reflect the cover. I think it may work out for the best in the end as a slight Sci-Fantasy twist to the entire series might be fun.

  2. There's something really cool about actual art instead of all the cyber photo-masturbation-shop you get with digital effects.

    What notes did you give the artist prior? Did he provide you with a sketch before diving in? Acrylic, I assume? Also, I'd be interested in knowing the price. Although, I understand if you'd rather not say.

    1. No sketch or thumbnail unfortunately. From what I told him: " A giant horn/tusk with a full moon partially obsured behind it. Below the horn, in its shadow, is a small fantasy town. If you can I would like the POV to be from the street of the town, looking up toward the horn.

      The price was $25.00. A little more than the previous Lighthouse piece for "Lights over Innsfjord".


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