Quick Note - New Xplorers mission preview

Originally my next Xplorers adventure was going to be another 2 page adventure. However, the story got away from me and has become a full blown title. I'm in the process of finishing up the first draft now and will be attempting to find some name only or affordable proof-reading tomorrow or Friday.

For now though le tus look at a single area of the adventure and the introduction of a possible NPC companion for the players on their quest. Anyone who has played Xplorers will see instantly the giant goodie I am throwing at the players.

Area 2 – Client Inprocessing               

A large room with rows of comfortable Smart® chairs and a long desk behind a sealed transparent aluminum shell. The soft LED lights that had once gave this room a welcoming feel are mostly dead, the few that remain give off a dying, choking light as the LEDs struggle to maintain purpose.

Behind the sealed transparent aluminum shell of the check-in desk a single robot stares at the players with a tilted head. This is Hermes

Hermes: AC 12; HP 20; ST 12+; MV 4; Programs  Computers, Data, Etiquette, Medicine, Translation

Hermes is an etiquette AI, designed and built to be a pleasing and social companion for humans. Like most AIs he requires a defragmentation every three years to avoid “quirks” in his programing. Unfortunately Hermes has not had a defrag in nearly nine years. He is pleasant, if somewhat snobbish, to the players and will begrudgingly supply any information he can. He will also not admit to not knowing something.  Instead he will infer that he does the information and the players are too stupid to understand.

Hermes will gladly accompany the players if they agree to get him away from “this riff-raff infested hell hole”. Hermes tone and manner are reminiscent of stereotypical English butler.

Most of the chairs have been overturned, shredded, and in some cases burned. The smell of ancient stale coffee and other things fill the air, another sign that the air filtration system no longer works. Calming 20th century smooth jazz plays quietly from unseen speakers.

 Along the right wall more writing has been painted: “Can’t make you better, can’t make you better, can’t make ANYONE BETTER”.

Inspection of the room will uncover that it has seen recent movement as fresh, still wet blood can be seen spotted in several places on the once beige carpet.

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