Quick Note - A sequel and an all new adventure

"Helena's Gauntlet", the Edge of Space adventure that I've been working on for the last several months is going well.  While the Sword of Hathor the Confederation ship from "Horus Adrift" makes an appearance in "Helena's Gauntlet" the crew and members of the that ship are not the focus of the adventure. However, I had a dream last night. A dream of a Confederation capital ship, the Ra Ascended, encountering the remaining of the Horus. Of a Confederation ESPer, driven insane by something still on the Horus and murdering the crew of the Ra Ascended and allowing Something onboard the ship.

A single message is sent by a medic before she is killed, warning the Confederation, but then the Ra Ascended vanishes into FTL.

And so now, we have a sequel, that is if +matt jackson will once more give me his blessing to use Edge of Space and the universe he created. I hope he does, I have the Starship Troopers sound on autorepeat as I type this and write my notes on this adventure.

So what does this mean on the whole? This:

Swords & Wizardry Adventures in production:

Lights over Innfjord
Temple in the Sea of Sand

Xplorers Adventures in production:

Miracle of Science

Edge of Space Adventures in production:

Helena's Gauntlet
Ra Fallen

That is a hell of a lot of work. I am hoping to have Miracle of Science and Temple in the Sea of Sand completed by mid April and released between April and May. Due to my wedding Helena's Gauntlet and Ra Fallen will be next up with a late summer release ... and with luck the hulk that is Innsfjord will be released in time for Halloween.

Now, can someone turn off my brain for a few days so I stop getting new ideas and can finish all the ones I already have?

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