Creatures of Eira Preview - The Alp-Luachra


El watched in fascination as the small newt-like creature slid from the dark waters of the nearby river and sped to the sleeping Rock. Up his chest it went toward the large Highlander’s open mouth. At the last second El pointed a finger and magic sundered the creature.

Type: Fae, Lesser
Hit Dice: <1
Armor Class: 9 [10]
Attacks: Sting (1d4 + Paralytic)
Saving Throw: 18
Special: Paralytic Sting, Essence Thief
Move: 9 [45’]
Alignment: Neutral
Challenge Level/XP: A/5

Special Abilities
Essence Thief – The Alp-Luachra sustains itself by feeding on the essence of its Host. Everytime a host gains health through magical means (A cure spell, healing tonic, etc) the Alp-Luachra consumes half the effect.

Paralytic Sting – Before a Alp-Luachra enters the body of a possible host it uses a small retractable stinger in its tail to numb the mouth so that the host cannot resist or become aware of the parasite’s invasion. A successful save negates the effects of the paralytic.

Diminutive  Fae from the Night Lands, the Alp-Luachra where once one of the Fae Nobility until they angered the Night Queen in their continued abuse of her “kindness” in court.

In her anger the Night Queen coursed the alp-Luachra to be what she considered them; parasites. Changed and warped and thrown from their seat of power the Alp-Luachra were banished from the Night Lands and forced into exile in the Mortal Realm.

For centuries, stuck in the Mortal Realm, the Alp-Luachra have survived by entering into the bodies of sleepers and stealing from them their health and vitality. They are easily dispatched, however, through a Pilgrim or Priest’s “Cure Disease” prayer.

Due to the nature of their newt-like bodies Alp-Luachra need to stay by water. While some can be found by lakes, ponds and swamp lands, the majority live in the waters of streams and rivers, preferring the fresh and clean running water over the still waters.

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