Creatures of Eira - Spider Cultist

Spider Cultist
 “I’ll never understand men who give their souls over to the Gods of the Outside,” El whispered as she crouched at the edge of the hole high in the temple wall. “What would drive someone to such …abomination?”

Type: Mortal
Hit Dice: 2+2
Armor Class: 6[13]
Attacks: Weapon (Dagger 1d4 + Poison)
Saving Throw: 17
Special: Spider Climb, Thieves Skills 3rd level, Webbing
Move: 6 [30’]
Alignment: Chaos
Challenge Level/XP: 5/240

Special Abilities
Spider Climb – Spider Cultist can move along any solid surface as if they were walking/running on solid ground without ill effect.
Webbing – Three times a day the Spider Cultist may shooting webbing from their mouth causing the same effect as the Web spell.

Nes’Ahrez is the weakest of the Great Outsider Gods.  Oddly this weakness makes It far easier for Nes’Ahrez to exert his influence in the Mortal Realm. Ne’Ahrez seeks out thieves, murderers and those with weak minds that seek to harm their fellow mortal.

Whispering of power to those It chooses through dreams and visions, Nes’Ahrez offers power in return for their souls and service. There are very few who say no, and those that do are usually found with their minds burnt away.

The transformation to a minion of Nes’Ahrez leaves the Cultist a fine thread of sanity as the power of the Outside floods through them. After the deal is struck the Cultist finds it heard to stay within civilization as his body trans-morphs into that of a humanoid spider.

Spider Cultist typically reside in the temples of the Outsider Spider God Nes’Ahrez in small colonies of up to 3d6 Cultist. These temples to the Fell god can be found in fetid marshland and ancient forgotten crypts.

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