Quick Note - Archetypes

Archetypes are a concept tha tI'm working on in Chromatic Commandos that is a bit of a mix of d20 style skill checks alongside Fate style concepts. Oddly the Archetype system was inspired not by fate or even D&D but by Brave Halfling Games' Xplorers' class skills. Of course like the rest of Chromatic Commandos this will be tweaked and changed based on the playtest.

Character Creation – Commando Archetypes

Finally the player chooses his or her Commando’s archetype. An Archetype is typically a character’s background, history, social status or group he or she identifies with. When a player choses an archetype he or she is granted skills based on that archetype.  These skills can help a player in some situations that a Referee may present to them during the game.

When a Referee or a player asks for a skill roll he or she rolls a 1d20 and must meet or beat his or her skill number. At first level all skills have a skill number 18, starting at second level that number decreases by half the player’s level. If a player without an Archetype skill wishes to attempt that skill the base skill number is 20 and is not affected by level decreases.

When and how a skill is used is the fealty of the Referee. Players can suggest and ask to make a skill roll for a given situation, but in the end, the Referee has final say.

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